Absolute commitment to automated documentation, change management, and compliance

Strongpoint has created a wide spectrum of tools aimed at both admins and developers at all levels of ability which can be leveraged to automate much of the manual processes that impede their productivity on a daily basis.

At Stronpoint we say that we help Salesforce resources by augmenting their ability to:

1. Get their Org in Order

2. Keep their Org in Order

3. Prove their Org is Order


To do that, we automate and provide "living documentation" of the Org by continuously indexing the meta data. From there, we provide up to date and accurate dependency mapping of all components in the environment. This enables automated risk assessment and impact analysis so that developers can have the confidence that they can make changes with confidence and mitigate any concerns regarding technical risk, organizational risk and regulatory oversight.

The net result is that we routinely have administrators as well as developers report to us that they save as much as 25% of their time and increase their delivery of innovation by as much as 200%.

We are absolutely committed to making it easier to adopt and benefit from the Salesforce Platform by helping admins and developers create great Salesforce documentation.

Strongpoint is proud to be a sponsor of Cactusforce 2019.

Marisa Hambleton