Code of Conduct

trust has to be the highest value
— Marc Benioff

We are here to share, learn, and succeed together. Organizers, volunteer staff, community members and sponsors hold the expectation to better humans, respectful, inclusive, and kind. Cactusforce holds the Salesforce Values of building trusted relationships with integrity, transparency, alignment, and accountability with the community we serve.

We hold a strong commitment to creating and maintaining a positive environment of mutual respect and integrity.

Cactusforce is dedicated to providing a safe learning experience for everyone. Our conference is organized in accordance with the Trailblazer Community Program Terms,, and follow the principles of the Salesforce Code of Conduct. Feedback may also be provided directly to the Trailblazer Community team (

Zero tolerance

Violations of this code will not be tolerated. Organizers reserve the right to refuse participation and expel from the conference, or any conference related activity without a refund at our discretion. If you see something, say something. We do our best to be aware of happenings during the conference, and will do our utmost to address inappropriate behavior. Organizers will be wearing a standout colors on their lanyards or Cactusforce t-shirts and will have “Organizer” on their name tags.

Upholding this code is foundational to our thriving community.

Integrity is behavior #1. We lead and act in accordance with our Salesforce Code of Conduct at all times.
— Trailhead, Salesforce Ohana Culture