Two Days - Three Tracks





Cactusforce is a community conference with a passion for the Salesforce platform. The event is focused on deep technical content for experienced Salesforce developers and architects.  

Sessions are highly interactive, where lively discussions and real conversations take place. 

Our purpose is to elevate the skills and broaden the platform knowledge of all attendees by bringing together the best and brightest technical talent Salesforce Ohana has to offer.

What makes a good Cactusforce speaker?

Senior-level developers, architects, or systems administrators with practical experience building complex solutions on the Salesforce platform who can present live demos and walkthrough code with minimal to no slides.

The ideal Cactusforce presenter is comfortable with public speaking and skilled in explaining technical topics. For example, presenting a case study of a real-world project to a live audience. Presentations are more than talks, but conversations with the audience about a complex solution you built using multiple technologies, features or ideas. Cactusforce is their opportunity to go beyond the Trail and receive great content.

See the sample speaker profiles below.

Attendees are highly engaged and seek a deeper understanding of the Platform. Cactusforce is their opportunity to go beyond the Trail. 

We are looking for awesome content.  

Our goal is for each attendee, including non-Salesforce technical professionals, to increase their knowledge and raise their skill level.

Vendor pitches will not be accepted. See Sponsors page if you are interested in telling attendees about your product.

Important Dates

Oct 10, 2019: CFP opens

Nov 20, 2019: CFP deadline

Jan 17-18: Cactusforce 2020


Presentations are 50 minutes. Interactive sessions are encouraged. Audience will expect tangible and actionable learning that they can apply after the conference. The format will be that each speaker is given a significant chunk of time (25 minutes or so) to present their case study, followed by another 25 minutes of Q&A.



Workshops are 50 minutes and offer hands-on training on a specific topic. Last year’s workshop included Ladies Be Architects solution design session.


602 Lightning Talk

Speakers have six minutes and two seconds for a quick demo of something fun they’ve worked on like a clever snippet of code, or a cool app they're proud of, or a pesky technical challenge they overcame. No Q&A. Just talks, a quick demo with an explanation and done.



Birds of a Feather, similar to Circles of Success, but less structured. This is a fantastic opportunity to share your knowledge by leading an intimate discussion in an informal setting. Attendees will write topics on flip charts throughout the day, and at various times throughout the conference BoF topic leaders will gather to answer questions and be available for in-depth discussions.